Gong Time

Bring your funny to the stage. Here’s your 3 minutes of fame.

You’ll have up to 3 minutes on stage – but can be gonged off early. You’ve got 30 seconds immunity, so roll the punchlines fast!

Featuring as the first half feature segment on Thursdays at Live Laughs at Comedy Lounge Perth City, with professional MC and headliner acts.

Double your chances for stage time:

  1. Some places will initially be offered to those that have registered online. We can only consider offering you a spot ahead of the show if you've registered here. We will contact you to secure a place in the line-up.
  2. Additional spots will be available for those who register interest at the door. Simply introduce yourself when you arrive.

Terms and conditions:

  • Acts have a maximum of 3 minutes, but may be ended earlier by the sound of the gong. You’ve got the first 30-seconds as immunity, so start strong.
  • Your act must be your own material. You may take the stage more than once, across different nights, but you're expected to try new material each time you perform.
  • *Registration does not guarantee a performance as there are limited places only.
  • Some places will be offered to acts registered online initially, as available and chosen by management. You will be contacted to confirm your attendance to secure your spot. You will receive free entry on the night.
  • Additional participants will be selected from those that are at the venue on the day of the show. Simply register your interest on arrival. You will be given free entry, whether or not you get a spot that night, so you can regularly attend to increase your likelihood of performing.
  • This is not an official competition. We get so many requests for spots and have been oversubscribed for competitions throughout the year, so here’s a chance to show us your stuff, get some stage experience, be encouraged by friends, and all have a good time.
  • Photos will be taken for marketing purposes without royalties.
  • You must be 18 years or older to participate.
  • Your details will be used by Comedy Lounge to administer this and possible future events. They will not be given out to third parties or for any other use without your consent.
  • Performances take place at Comedy Lounge Perth City, Upstairs 413 Murray Street, Perth.
  • Show starts 8:00pm. Participants must arrive by 7:45pm and check in with staff. Late arrivals risk losing their spot.
  • You can update your details using a personal link provided by email when you register.


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